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Dagaz is the last rune of the Elder Futhark commonly known as the Gothic alphabet which means "day". The butterfly shaped symbol represents stability and balance. It symbolizes light, health, prosperity and opennings. New beginning, bold change and enlightenment. Esoteric meaning of awakening.

Creates the real difference... We believe that all companies are the same, what makes it different are the people.

Dagaz is a collection of talented individuals with complementary experience and skill sets all focused on providing our partner client companies with services and support designed to enhance their business performance. 

Dagaz was founded by two individuals with a vision to bring the benefits of the prestigious Magsaysay Global in international recruitment and training organization to the Middle East market. 

Originally focused on local and international recruitment of skilled line staff for technical industries, the company has gradually expanded into new complementary industries and target markets throughout the GCC. 

The Dagaz team today seeks to reflect the philosophy upon which it was initially based - that great people are the keystone and the greatest asset of great organizations. Our services are focused on providing great people , developing teams and individuals to achieve their full potential, and giving client companies access to the skills and experience of specialist professionals through outsourced management and consultancy. When necessary we call upon external associates to support our team with specialized experience and skills, in this way our clients gain the benefit of a team assembled to meet their specific requirements but without carrying the costs associated with employing expensive full-time specialists for temporary projects. 

Our Vision

Excellence and enthusiasm in everything we do as a significant contributor to the global economy and success by improving the lives of our people and their families, the communities and place we live in.

Our Mission

We exist to professionally develop great organizations through our performance based human capital search and enhance success by improving productivity, efficiency, communication, employee morale and inspire our candidates to manage their careers to the ultimate levels of success while maintaining the highest standards.

About Us

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